Terms & Conditions


Aylesford Cross Country Course

Before using the course, please read carefully the conditions set out here 

Thank you

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Melton Mowbray

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Aylesford Equine

Terms & Conditions for Jumping arena and Dressage arena 

Protective riding hats confirming to the Current British Standard are to be worn at all times with the chinstrap fastened and suitable footwear with defined heels.

Body protectors are recommended

Jumps that are marked with red and white flags must be jumped with red flag on the right side of the jump

All accidents must be reported to the owners before leaving the arena. Any damage to fences must be reported to the owners.

All facilities that are provided must be left clean and tidy at all times

All entrance gates must be closed at all times

Please keep dogs on lead at all times

People entering the arena do so at their own risk

All droppings must be picked up


In line with Government COVID-19 advice we have opened up the  arenas for hire.

We have put in place a number of strict conditions of use.  These are in place for a number of reasons but primarily to safeguard all those on site.

We can only open, however if each and every person coming to our site adheres closely to our conditions of use.

These are not for interpretation they are in place to safeguard each and every user, but also those who live on site.

  1. You must not attend the site if you or any of those travelling with you are exhibiting any symptoms of being unwell.
  2. You must book to come to site in advance
  3. Fees are to be paid by BACs if possible and prior to coming to site.
  4. If you do not pay by BACs you must pay by cheque or cash and deposit the money where directed.
  1. We will not accept anyone ‘just turning up’.
  1. You must bring a family member or assistant to be on foot in the case of emergencies. No one must come on their own.  Aylesford Equine WILL NOT be in a position to support any riders who do not bring a ‘helper’.
  1. Parking will be in designated areas only – as signed. You must not park anywhere other than the designated areas.
  1. No person is to go to any other part of the site – toilets and the yard are closed and not to be accessed.
  1. Lorries/trailers should be parked at least 5m (15 feet) apart
  1. Social distancing is to be observed at all times – and riders should not enter any other lorries or move close to other customers.


  1. Access to facilities will be sign posted. The routes are defined for everyones safety. Even if you know the site please adhere to the signposted routes to both the Arenas.
  1. Hand sanitiser will be available for your use. Please ensure you use it
  1. Do not lick envelopes.
  1. Gates will be periodically disinfected and hand sanitiser placed on the entrance to the arena, but please take suitable precautions.
  1. You will have been given an allotted time. Please do not enter the facilities before your allotted times.  Please leave promptly at the end of your session.  This will be closely monitored.